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Who owns ? is owned by Barrington Holidays, a local holiday property rental agency in Manilva. Although this site is not related specifically to the Barrington Holidays company we welcome thousands of visitors to the area every year and can see that there is a clear need to provide visitors to the area with great advice and information to help them plan their upcoming visit. 


Why has been created ?

Over the past few years the Manilva area developed into a wonderful holiday location that also has the potential to become and world class tourist destination. During this great period of growth and improvements in Manilva the current information and resources to aid the traveller are still limited which often leaves visitors lacking the knowledge to make the most of the area. Hence here it is ! The ultimate travel guide to the Manilva area,


What Next for ? will continue to grow and provide visitors with inspiration for their trip and practical travel advice but to keep the site as up to date as possible and with a broad content and visitor feedback we welcome you to add your comments, tips and experiences to VisitManilva by clicking on 'My Manilva Experience'. Remeber, if you have enjoyed your time in Manilva why not tell everyone about it so they can enjoy their holiday as much as you have !


Have missed something ?

Whether you already live in Manilva, have just visited to area or plan to and cannot find something you are looking for on this site it means we are missing something ! Please, let us know about it by emailing will grow everyday with new ideas, reviews and ideas for visitors to the area. You can help by emailing suggestions, writing reviews or emailing photos to

Are you setting up a business in the area that you think would be of interest to visitors to the area ? Let us know about it by emailing


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