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The Beaches of Manilva

Manilva is a municipality in the province of Malaga which is situated in the province of Andalucia, in the Costa del sol.

Manilva stretches from Punta Chullera to the west and Manilva Rió to the East. It has 7.8 Kilometres of beaches ranging from the low cliffs and rocky coves in Punta Chullera to the wide sandy beaches that are spread around the fishing village of Castillo, the Marina at Puerto de la Duquesa and the expanding town of Sabinillas. Manilva town itself sits above Sabinillas approximately 2 Km from the coast.

The many expansive beaches offer a safe opportunity to take advantage of a range of Activities that include swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving, fishing and a mixture of leisure water sports.

The local beaches are; 

Punta Chullera Playa de los Torros Playa del Gobernador Cala de la Sardina.
Playa de Tubalitas El Negro (Los Toros) La Duquesa Sabinillas

Duquesa Beach in Manilva

Punta Chullera

This beach is at the west end of Manilva and consists of a small rocky cove at the mouth of Calataraje arroyo. The arroyo forms the boundary with municipality of San Roque in the province of Cadiz.

The waters are shallow and clean playing host to Octopus and Sea Urchins (Swimmers need to take care) Playa de la Chullera is the beach that extends from the arroyo toward San Roque and is extremely popular, especially with the Spanish people who often spend weekends and sometimes most of August camping there.

Playa de los Torros

This is a small quiet cove that consists of rocky outcrops and shell beaches and is also served by the Sal y Sol chiringuito. The beach runs parallel to the main Malaga duel carriageway and is reached via a slip road just before the pedestrian bridge at Punta Chullera.

Playa del Gobernador

Approximately 850 metres long and sandy this beach offers a quite place to access the sea and take advantage of the wide beach for beach sports. It can be reached by the Playa Paraiso Urbanisation or the Venta de Asfalto (on the Malaga bound side of the carriageway) just before the Paraiso roundabout.


Cala de la Sardina.

This is small beach of approximately 150 metres located between two rocky peninsulas just east of Playa Paraiso.


Playa de Tubalitas

This is yet another beach that is bounded by an arroyo this time the Negro. There are small green hills at its land border. The sea is renowned for an abundance of Tuna fish and used to be the location for the placement of “tunny nets” used to catch the fish.


El Negro (Los Toros)

Named after the bulls that found their way to the beach from the adjacent Canadá Real on their way to Estepona from Los Barrios. It is the longest beach in Manilva and is often frequented by sea fishermen at various times of the day and year. It runs from the arroyo Negro to the arroyo Indiano located just to the west of Castillo village.


La Duquesa (Playas Castillo & Duquesa)

Again bounded by two arroyo the Indiano to the west and Penuela to the east this 1150 metre beach includes Castillo and Puerto de la Duquesa, a beautiful “blue flagged” marina.

It has a range of rocky outcrops and wide sandy beaches stretching both sides of the Marina. As can be imagined the port and it supporting beaches are extremely popular and needs the three Churinguitos that provide inexpensive refreshments. A full range of water sports and beach activities are available on the Sabinillas side of the marina.



This is yet another “blue flag” beach stretching for 1650 metres between the Port and the Rió Manilva and includes the entire town frontage of the town of Sabinillas. It is also a “working beach” as local fishermen still launch their boats here recovering them to the beach on return via capstan winches.

The beach is cleaned daily throughout the summer and several lifeguards and first aiders are available to offer help where and when required.

Hence this is a popular beach for tourist and locals alike. The café and restaurants that face the beach are varied and plentiful, offering a range of cuisine that should meet the needs of all.

The new and extended promenade offers a great opportunity for an uninhibited walk which can extend west, on the beach, to Castillo village and beyond for a distance of about 3 to 4 kilometres.



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