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Castillo de la Duquesa

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Castillo de la Duquesa

This small hamlet can be found just to the west of the Marina of Puerto de la Duquesa. It took its name from the18 Century fortress that stands at the entrance to the fishing village. Its history extends back to roman times when it was a busy centre for salted fish and a paste known as Garum. This was a “gentlemen’s relish” craved by the Romans and as such brought great prosperity.

The remains of the Roman settlement are located to the southwest of the castle next to the Plaza de Banos is an old bathhouse and although locked behind gates, the old boiler house and associated hypocausts together with a large stone bathing tank and patches of the original mosaic floor can be seen.

Between the Castle and the main road is the site of the Roman Villa although only bits of the hypocaust are visible. To the northeast between the castle and the port, is where the salt pans and fermentation tanks were located. 

The castle itself was erected in the 1760 and the architect Francisco Paulino was granted the command of a company of cavalry by King Charles lll for his services. Since then the building has had many uses and is currently used for exhibitions, cultural events and council offices.

This is a very compact village with its own church, Iglesia Nuestra Senora del Carmen and a number of pleasant squares and gardens and boasts some of the best fish restaurants in the area.

Finally a sea wall, built in 2002/203 after a violent storm that demolished a number of houses along the seafront, offers an uninterrupted view of Africa across the Mediterranean, Gibraltar to the west and Fuengirola to the east.

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